Online Backup for VMware, Hyper-V, Exchange, cPanel and More!

  • 10gb


    Per month

  • 25gb


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  • 50gb


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  • 100gb


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  • 250gb


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  • 500gb


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Asservo Online Backup supports Windows, Linux and OSX platforms, covering multiple devices in any organisation.

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Restore any time

Restore your files and systems in minutes, anytime, anywhere. Also convert system image backups to virtual machines!

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Your data is secure

Asservo uses military grade encryption meaning you can backup, access and restore to any machine in complete confidence.

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Why Backup Online?

With computers being more reliable than ever, it’s easy to forget to backup your data. But hardware still fails. Fires, floods and burglary still happen.
Many people trust their data to free or low cost services (Google, Microsoft, Drop box etc.) that do not use any form of encryption and still require user maintenance. Our Encrypted UK based backup services provide total peace of mind.

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Do you backup your Exchange Server?

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